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Program: Inquiry with Host Mark Lynch

Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 – 4:00pm

“Tonight on Inquiry we talk with SHARON PRESTON-FOLTA, author, marketing media planner, chef and Louis Armstrong’s daughter. Sharon is his only child. But she had to keep this secret because public knowledge of her mother’s twenty year-long affair with the famous jazz musician could have ruined his career. So Sharon grew up leading a double life: rejoicing in her fathers presence and even touring with him and his band yet having to keep her father’s identity secret from friends and school mates. Sharon Preston-Folta’s memoir of her life as Armstrong’s daughter, written with Denene Millner, is titled LITTLE SATCHMO: LIVING IN THE SHADOW OF MY FATHER, LOUIS DANIEL ARMSTRONG”

Podcast: http://www.wicn.org/podcasts/audio/sharon-preston-folta-little-satchmo

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