About the Author

Sharon Folta “I chose to tell my story now because it’s about my legacy, I matter. My story is important.  I have every right to say who I am, to be proud of it.”

I can add another skill to my list of talents–I’m a Writer.

It’s been years in the making but I’ve finally declared my truth, my legacy. My father is Louis Armstrong and I am his daughter. My memoir, Little Satchmo, Living in the Shadow of my father Louis Daniel Armstrong, is available on www.amazon.com as an ebook for kindle and Print on Demand. I had the honor of writing my book with NY Times best selling author , Creator & Editor of the parenting blog, mybrownbaby.com, Denene Millner.

Why tell my story now? Because I MATTER and I didn’t want my grand and great grand childeren to live this story.

In addition to living out another passion of mine as a Personal Chef and Caterer, I’m utilizing my multi-marketing skills as a Media Sales Executive at WUSF Public Media. I’ve worked in broadcast media since I graduated from Iona College in 1978 Most of my 20+ year career in advertising sales has been spent in radio working for ABC,VIACOM, CBS and Emmis. I also have experience selling Television and print and have worked for WLNY TV in Long Island, Fairchild Publications and the Saturday Evening Post in New York.

My passion for cooking and entertaining led me to obtain two professional cooking degrees ( Culinary ’99 and Culinary Management ’05) from the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC. My current goal is to grow my prepared food business, “Sharon’s Delicious Kitchen”. Our mission is to provide delicious, health focused meals & services making it convenient to maintain the appropriate meal plan and a healthy lifestyle at all stages of life .